Accountability in Polyamory

Statement on PolyDay

People claiming to be supporting my abusive ex Eve Rickert have recently begun a campaign of harassment, threats, bullying, and intimidation directed at conference speakers for a conference I am not involved or affiliated with.

Enough is enough.

In 2004, a team of community volunteers organized an ongoing polyamory conference called PolyDay in London. This conference quickly grew into a popular event. PolyDay was canceled in 2020 and 2021 for pandemic reasons.

In 2021, the person behind "PolyPages" attemptedto take over PolyDay, using its name, graphics, and logos to host her own for-profit event. When she was told that the name PolyDay was protected by British trademark law, she renamed her own event PolyAmory Day but continued to market it using PolyDay hashtags on social media.

When the PolyDay organizers felt it was safe to host a conference again in 2022, she made videos attacking the PolyDay volunteers and speakers, and falsely claiming that I sponsor and profit from PolyDay.

For the record: I am not affiliated with PolyDay. I do not sponsor PolyDay. I do not profit from PolyDay. The organizers of PolyDay do not profit from PolyDay. I am not involved in any way with PolyDay.

This individual also made false claims about PolyDay organizers being racist because 'poly' is a "slur against Polynesians." Yes, you read that right: The owner of PolyPages says that the volunteers who run PolyDay are biased against Polynesian people becuse they use the term "poly." Seriously. No joke.

As a result of these accusations, speakers scheduled to present at PolyDay have received threatening emails, have been harassed and intimidated, have been bullied, and have had their livelihoods threatened.

That's where the poly community is right now: A person attempted to steal the hard work of non-profit volunteers to run a for-profit conference, and when that failed, began a social media campaign of falsehoods and disinformation in order to bully the volunteers and speakers.

As a result, PolyDay has now been canceled. The PolyDay volunteers have released a statement about the cancellation.

Once again: I am not affiliated with PolyDay.

I am not a sponsor of PolyDay. I do not profit from PolyDay, nor am I involved in any way whatsoever with PolyDay.

It breaks my heart to see a community become so tribal and so gullible that it merely takes a single person wanting to profit from the hard work of others to rile up the masses on social media to participate in a campaign of bullying to silence people, including people of color and members of other marginalized groups, without the smallest shred of fact-checking.